Does Dermaplaning blade type matter? Which blades should I use?


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Does Dermaplaning blade type matter?

There are so many different types of blade types and fancy equipment available on the market, does blade type matter and how do I decide which one to use? Is one necessarily better than the other?

First and foremost quality ALWAYS matters and makes a huge impact on your dermaplaning treatment outcome regardless of the shape, size or manufacturer. Quality varies greatly in sharpness and durability from manufacturer to manufacturer As a result more than one blade per treatment may have to be used. Poor quality equals poor treatment outcome.

 I would like to note that Complexions’ Advanced Esthetic Training guarantees only the best quality; we have worked with many blade types and many manufacturers to ensure that you only receive the best for your dermaplaning treatments.

Back to the questions above, does the type and size of the dermaplaning blade matter? The answer is…… NO! Blade types used during treatment are only a matter of personal preference!  There are many estheticians with their personal favorite however; one person’s favorite does not make it superior to another’s.

Although Dermaplaning blade types and size are a matter of preference there are perks to each blade, it is my intention to review them for you in this article. Keep in mind that it is always necessary to follow standard protocol to remove any room for error

Number 10 Blades

Number 10 Premium
Number 10 Standard

The Number Ten Blade is standard and the most popular blade used for dermaplaning.  It is lightweight, curves up to a point and measures 1 ¾ inches.  Due to the curvature the angles can be used to your advantage.  The long flat part of the blade works well for larger areas of the face, like the cheeks, chin and forehead while the round part or ‘ball’ of the blade is great for working in areas that are harder to access, such as in around the alar groove around  the nose.  The part of the blade that stretches from the ball to the point can be used for small or finer areas such as around the hairline or above the eyebrows.    The Number Ten Blades are compatible with the standard Number Three Blade Handle.

Number 14 Blade

The Number Fourteen Blade is flat and round on the end.  This blade does not come to a point which can be preferable for some practitioners.  The Number Fourteen Blade is the same length as the Number Ten Blade (1 ¾ inches), but appears longer because it does not curve up to a point.  The Number Fourteen Blade is heavier and thicker than the Number Ten Blade.  The shape and weight make this blade a great choice, and very popular.  This is an excellent choice for clients with excessive hair growth on the face; it will remain consistent throughout the entire treatment and is compatible with the standard Number Three Blade Handle.

Number 22 Blade

This blade is a newer addition to the dermaplaning blade lineup and it has quickly become the most popular.  The Number Twenty-Two Blade is 2.5 inches long, almost twice as long as the other blades.  Due to their larger size treatment time is shortened considerably, possibly up to fifty percent.  The number twenty two blade has the versatility of the Number Ten Blade, with many angles to utilize to your advantage, the weight and thickness, of the number fourteen blades.  Using this blade will give you the benefit of two blades (the number ten and fourteen).  These blades are recommended for seasoned practitioners.  These blades are compatible with the Number Four Blade Handle.  

Number 67 Contouring Mini Blade

The Contour Blade is a stainless steel, exquisitely sharp, slim blade that measures 1.5 inches.  These blades are used for a more specialized treatment involving delicate areas of the face, such as the eye area, the inner nose, under the eyebrows and any other area that can be challenging.  This blade is ideal for making precise strokes in hard to reach areas.  The Number 67 blade requires a specialized miniature blade handle.  The miniature blade handle is slotted for blade placement and screws tightly to hold the blade in place.  We recommend that you charge an additional fee when incorporating this into your treatments; just like you would any other add on service.

Number 15 Blade (Small)

The number 15 Blade is a very small blade used for add on treatments as well as areas that are hard to access. This dermaplaning blade is compatible with your number 3 blade handle making it an economical alternative to our mini contouring blades. The number 15 blade is 1.5 inches long with the sharp edge measuring .5 inches.

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