Answering Client Questions About Dermaplaning Part 2

 (Part 2)

Are at home Dermaplaning products effective?

The at home dermaplaning systems that are available for consumers to purchase are not at all comparable to a professional dermaplaning treatment. These products are always designed with consumer liability in mind. Much like a razor, these systems have a ‘guard’ that prevents any real exfoliation. The hair will be removed which gives the impression or illusion that they are getting the benefits of a professional treatment, but there is little to no actual exfoliation of the skin. A professional dermaplaning treatment is performed by a trained and certified skin care practitioner, using an ‘unguarded’ dermaplaning blade. The purpose of the treatment is to exfoliate the skin. Subsequently the hair is removed as an added benefit.

Can I wear makeup after a dermaplaning treatment?

After any facial treatment, it is always advisable to have your clients refrain from using makeup for at least 24 hours. However, this is not always possible, especially if your client has to return to work. If they absolutely have to wear makeup, mineral makeup is recommended because it is a healthier option  for the skin. If you carry this type of makeup line, this is a perfect opportunity to retail these products! Remember to remind your client that just because their makeup may contain sunscreen, it is not a substitute for actual sunscreen.

What is the recovery time for dermaplaning?

One of the wonderful things about dermaplaning, is that it has little to no downtime and the results are immediate. There may be some redness if your client has sensitive skin but that generally subsides within an hour or so.

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