5 simple tips to dramatically increase your retail sales immedietly.


As a professional your customers rely upon you to make professional recommendations for their skin type. Retailing products for home regimens should be an integral part of your skin care business. If you are not retailing products to your customers , you are doing yourself as well as your customers a disservice .

Complexions Advanced Esthetic Training has devised a recommended approach to make you will proactive with your customer, and more importantly more profitable! What follows below is a 5 simple easy to implement, steps that will increase your sales

Tip one

When setting appointments, ask them to come in 10 minutes early. In your waiting room prominently display product information. Remove all unnecessary reading materials not related to skin care, as they are a distraction. If you want to portray yourself as a professional, display all relevant skin care information. After all you are the professional and your customers will appreciate the up to date information. Much of the product information will stimulate questions during treatments.

Tip Two

During treatments discuss with the customers the products you are using and let them know the benefits, uses and applications of each one. Information always sparks a sense of curiosity, and by being proactive with your customer about products they will become more proactive about taking care of their skin.

Tip Three

When you are finished with your treatment, ask them their opinion on how they look. Your typical response is something like "Wow, what a difference!" Right now is the perfect opportunity for you to be proactive saying something like "You look fantastic! If you want to look this way for the rest of the month before coming in for your next treatment, I need you to begin a home care maintenance program. With your skin type, I recommend the following products to be used on a daily basis...." This is your time to make money.

Tip Four

Spend an extra 3-5 minutes with each customer. They appreciate the personal touch and feel like a VIP.

Tip Five

 Ask your customers for referrals. You may have a very busy appointment book, but you are never too busy for another customer. Do not be bashful, If your customer can afford your professional services and skin care products, they have friends just like them.

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