Learn what part of the blade to use and how to properly hold your blade handle.

Dermaplaning - Back to the Basics Loading and Holding your Dermaplaning Blade Handle 

Loading The Dermaplaning Blade Handle Step 1

Set up for your dermaplaning treatment. When you are ready to begin put on your gloves and remove the dermaplaning blade from the packaging. Aestheticians should be wearing gloves for all of their treatments for sanitation reasons.  Loading your blade with gloves on not ensures proper sanitation but allows you to grip the dermaplaning blade without your fingers slipping.

Loading The Dermaplaning Blade Handle Step 2

Hold the spine of the dermaplaning blade, gripping the blade on the sharp side could result in potential injury.  The angle on the bottom of the dermaplaning blade should be in line with the diagonal line on the dermaplaning blade handle.

Loading The Dermaplaning Blade Handle Step 3


Insert the dermaplaning blade along the grooves of the dermaplaning blade handle. The blade should in line with the grooves on the dermaplaning blade handle.

Loading The Dermaplaning Blade Handle Step 4

Gently push the dermaplaning blade downwards locking it into the dermaplaning blade handle. You  may here a light clicking noise.

Holding The Dermaplaning Blade Handle Properly

You are now ready to begin your dermaplaning treatment.  The dermaplaning Blade handle should be held handle from above as shown. This is known as the Palmar Grip and is the correct way to hold your blade handle to execute a proper dermaplaning treatment. Below are just a few reason why Holding your blade handle properly is so important. 

  • Ensures that you have complete control over your treatment, you are able to see where you are going.
  • Allows you to use pressure on the correct part of the blade resulting in an even exfoliation.
  • Is ergonomically correct and comfortable for the practitioner.

Never hold your Dermaplaning blade from underneath. This is incorrect and will result in

Uneven exfoliation

  •  Your hand will be in the way hindering practitioner.
  • Holding your dermaplaning blade handle from underneath forces pressure towards the tip of the blade which can resulting in potential nick or scratch.
  • Is uncomfortable for the practitioner.

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