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Our advanced and basic dermaplaning classes will help skincare professionals at any stage to maximize their dermaplaning practice, increase their earning potential and grow their business over six figures.

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If you are new to dermaplaning we will teach you everything
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If you already offer dermaplaning to your clients we can
teach you how to maximize revenue in your business for optimal treatment results and huge profits.

No one wants an average dermaplaning treatment.

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“When I added dermaplaning to my service menu it literally
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Carlye Walters, National Educator

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Carlye Walters is a highly accomplished figure in the Esthetics and Skincare Industry with a career spanning over two decades. Since then, Carlye has consistently expanded her knowledge and influence, emerging as a prominent leader in both skincare practice and education.

Currently, she is serving as the founder and CEO of Complexions Advanced Esthetic Training. Renowned for her adeptness in customizing training programs to diverse backgrounds. She has orchestrated and executed national training seminars and events. Carlye is a captivating presenter, equally effective with small groups and large audiences.

Carlye Walters is a beacon of excellence in the Esthetics Industry. Her visionary leadership, educational prowess and unswerving dedication have left an indelible mark on the field. Carlye continues to inspire and shape the future of Esthetics.


"I have searched high and low for continuing education classes.  Complexions Advanced Esthetic Training is the first company I have come across that offers relevant courses.  The quality of the information presented, in classes both hands on and distance learning, is unparalleled.  The other selling point for me is that the classes are product neutral.  I am impressed by the professionalism and Knowledge of the instructor Carlye Walters.  I know that I can rely on the information she presents.  If I have any questions Carlye can be always be  reached to talk them out."


Sarah O'Connor

Managing Esthetician

Dermatology and Skin Care Associates

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