Learn about the reasons your dermaplaning blade may feel dull during a treatment.

Why Does My Dermaplaning Blade Feel Dull? 


Holding the blade at a 45degree angle can feel challenging at times due to the curvatures of the face; while holding the blade flat against the skin, or at a 90-degree angle may more comfortable or natural. When you do not hold the blade at the appropriate 45 degree angle, dead skin cells will not come off easily or at all, and you can slip over the fine vellus hair resulting in poor treatment outcome possible scratching against the skin and an unhappy costumer. This can lead one to believe that the blade you are using is dull while in fact it is simply being held at an incorrect angle. Below is a diagram of angles.
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Preparation of the skin

Prepping the skin is one of the most important parts of your treatment. If the skin is improperly prepped it can cause your dermaplaning blade to slip over the hair, stick to the skin, and not remove very much, if any dead skin cells. This is a common reason that your blade may feel dull. Proper skin prep is one of the most important components of a successful treatment. The skin MUST be thoroughly dehydrated. Pre peel preparation solutions, toner or witch hazel is not strong enough, Acetone or alcohol are appropriate choices to prep the skin. Some Aestheticians struggle with the idea of using alcohol or acetone on the skin, just keep in mind that these products will not penetrate deeply.

Blade Placement

Never apply too much pressure towards the tip of the blade, doing so can not only scratch your client but results in uneven exfoliation or a feeling that your blade may be dull. Unless you are working in hard-to-reach areas, try to use the middle of the blade or right behind the ball of your number 10 blade.


You get what you pay for, quality is important. If you purchase blades that are cheap or from an un reputable company, there is no telling what you are receiving.  Your blades may be dull and inconsistent; this could lead to having to use three to four blades per treatment, increasing your cost and leading to an abrasion on the skin from inconsistency and the need to go over an area multiple times causing an abrasion.
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