Advanced Dermaplaning Techniques Class



The Advanced Dermaplaning Techniques Class is the first and only class available for experienced dermaplaning practitioners. Gain the knowledge and practical skills you need to elevate you beyond your peers and skyrocket your professional value. Practitioners will learn how to maximize their stream of revenue by offering add-on services, specialty treatments, advanced protocols and new techniques. Get ready to take your treatments to the next level and increase your bottom line.


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    I didn’t know how many thousands of dollars I was losing every year by not utilizing dermaplaning to its full potential. After learning unique ways to incorporate dermaplaning into other services and using it as an add- on I was able to expand my service offerings, grow my business and make thousands more per year with my already existing clientele. Don’t suffer the consequences of not making the most out of your dermaplaning treatments. Enroll in my Advanced Dermaplaning techniques class and increase your revenue right now.

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